« Les Mains (The Hands) » of MOBJE


« Les Mains (The Hands) » of MOBJE

An original collection of vases symbolizes the encounter of two artisanal houses, one French, the other Japanese, where leather offcuts and woven paper fibers converge.

An original collection launched in May 2023, symbolizes the encounter of two artisanal houses, one French, the other Japanese. A creative dialogue between leather offcuts and woven paper fibers brings life to three limited edition vases.


In an attempt to respect the efforts that enabled the manufacturing and the high quality of its raw materials, Polène is committed to maximizing the reuse of offcuts from its leather goods collections by increasing the number of upcycling initiatives. Placing the circularity of resources at the heart of creation allows for new fields of expression around artisanal objects of decorative arts.

The Polène x Mobje collaboration sees the union of two skills, leather goods manufacturing and hat-making, and two materials, leather and paper fiber. This collaboration is based on shared values: to provide refined, creative handcrafted designs, inspired by a lifestyle focused on what is essential and authentic.


Founded in 2019 by Kazumitsu Kakine, Mobje creates contemporary artisanal objects inspired by hat making techniques and materials inherited from the family hat house Fujii Hat Co, located in Onomichi, in the Hiroshima Prefecture.

Finding a new use for this traditional savoir-faire and drawing from its richness an aesthetic anchored in its time are the motives of Mobje, committed to preserving a traditional and historical craft.

The designer and artistic director, Shinya Yamamoto, was keen to develop a collection of poetic objects whose organic forms can be adjusted and endlessly reinvented. Inviting the owner to take the time to appreciate, appropriate, and cherish the object.


The shared quest of a minimalistic aesthetic and common love for craftsmanship allowed for a rich creative dialogue between the designers and craftsmen of both houses. The “Lapel” vase and its organic form of folds and waves, is reinterpreted to merge the woven paper fibers with Polène’s leather offcuts. A long process of prototype work was needed in order to launch this limited edition collection.

The leather offcuts, which by definition vary in size and shape, are cut into spirals and then carefully sewn onto Mobje’s woven strips. As a result, three vases with singular color combinations and their own leather badge were created.

The “Nano Lapel” creates a dialogue between the pink paper fiber and the smooth camel leather which dresses the base of the vase and delicately highlights its border.

The “Large Lapel” combines the sand colored paper fiber with tan leather offcuts. The neckline of the vase is decorated with leather strips that accentuate the transition from a tubular shape to an organic, undulating neck.

An exclusive and original design, the “Tall Lapel”, plays the card of contrast with its graphic collar, decorated with smooth black leather. The free placement of the gold clip enables the vase to change shape. It can accommodate fresh flowers or dried bouquets thanks to its hidden glass vase and stabilizing weight. Underneath, a leather badge embossed with a Polène x Mobje logo endorses the 100% handmade object, crafted in Japan, available in less than a thousand units.

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